Top Three Reasons Why You Should Choose The Pouncil Law Firm


We're Comprehensive

Our goal is to give you a complete overview of your case so that you'll know what to expect each step of the way.  And for the unexpected, we'll inform you in a manner that keeps you in the driver's seat by keeping you involved in the decision-making process.  We seek to employ staff who are friendly, approachable, and considerate.  We center our practice around you the client and our ability to meet your legal needs, by offering services in various areas of law.  For instance, a client may need us to help recover fair compensation for an injury due to a major truck accident and later need us to protect her award in a highly contested divorce or business dispute.  The point is that the Pouncil Law Firm can handle your legal needs across multiple areas of law so you can continue to get effective representation from the law firm you trust.

We're Passionate

The Pouncil Law Firm's clients are not considered to be "just another case". Our clients are special and mean a lot to us.  That's why we're not afraid to assert your rights on your behalf and move forward in a professional way that you can trust.  This firm understands that sometimes, “no” is not an option and that this approach could be the difference between success and failure.  Cortez Pouncil believes that passion is what gives him the ability to be innovative and approach complex cases-essentially thinking outside the box.  In other words, the Pouncil Law Firm embraces passion and uses it as a tool to effectively be the proud voice of its clients.

We're Effective

The truth is that no lawyer can guarantee results, especially in a trial setting with a judge or jury of your peers deciding your fate. The important thing to know, however, is that effective representation also may indeed involve getting you relief through other mechanisms such as arbitration, mediation, or aggressive negotiation.  Therefore, it's just as equally important for us to be skilled in other aspects of litigation that don't include a trial. We are dedicated to making effective use of resources and developing strategies that are uniquely tailored to our clients.  We believe that effective counseling not only benefits you in the present but also in the future, creating protection against future claims and potential loss. The bottom line is that the Pouncil Law Firm fully understands what it means to be effective and will do its best to represent your position in and out of the courtroom.

If you want a fresh-thinking attorney who will fight hard on your behalf while treating you with the utmost respect, Call the Pouncil Law Firm today at 832-913-5059.


Hiring Cortez Pouncil as my attorney was the best decision I ever made. He gave great detail on different options that were available. He was easy to work with being available and calling back in a timely manner. He fought for everything I wanted in my case.

– C. Guzman

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