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So You're Starting Your Own Business?


  There’ nothing more exciting than starting your own business.  What’s even more exciting is that you can count on the The Pouncil Law Firm to help your business grow.  We focus on creating the strong foundation your business needs to protect you as an ownerl from unnecessary tax and legal liability.  Without a powerful foundation that protects you from legal and tax liability, your exciting business can quickly become less exciting and eventually a financial burden.  We are your solution. Let us take care of your business’s legal aspect while you focus on creating new ways to take your business to the next level. 



Do I Really Need A Lawyer?


  Sure, there are many things you can do on your own as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, even the slightest misstep or honest mistake has the potential to cause a big deal of grief, not only with your business but in your personal life.  Not convinced? Let’s take the dissolution of a company partnership for instance. Do you know what to do if one of the members or partners leaves the business, dies, stop contributing or become a troublemaker?  Or what about raising capital for your business. Can you draft an effective investment or seed funding agreement?  The Pouncil Law Firm can walk you through the process not only to make sure you’re well informed but make sure the legal aspects are handled professionally.



But Isn’t Setting Up A Business Simple?


  Not necessarily. The first thing you must consider is the structure of your business.  The structure sets the foundation for the business and provides legal protection against lawsuits and tax liability so it is extremely important that you know what structure will be suitable for your business.  There are four basic types of business entities: a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and limited liability company.  Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  With the three main characteristics being taxes, liability, and management.  So yes, there’s a lot to consider before creating your business but don’t worry we can help. Call us today.




My Company Deals With The Government.  Can You Help?


  Yes.  If your business involves dealing with either the government, third parties, the public, or more than one member or partner you most likely need a lawyer.  It is important to establish the rights and expectations of founders upfront, control your risk in your interactions with the public and make sure you aren’t violating laws.


Can I Afford An Attorney For My Business?


  We offer services to businesses that are getting started so we know that capital may be low.  We offer affordable payment plans that will help you reach your financial goals without worrying about the cost of having professional help.  And if you are currently in business and have hit a tough financial spot but seek protection and legal advice.  We have help available to you as well. Call us today we can set up an affordable fee schedule.


What Should I Do Now?


  Easy question! Call us today at 832-913-5059 or send us a quick message.